FYI…helpful information about working with an independent insurance broker

As an independent insurance broker, Willis Louie has expertise in the fields of commercial (business), personal and life insurance. We represent the interests of our clients and seek to advise them on their best insurance options. As front-line professionals, we ensure that our clients are adequately covered for their needs and help them properly manage their risk.

How is an independent insurance broker regulated?

The sale of insurance is regulated to ensure consumers are protected. Regulations require insurance brokers to be licensed, to maintain high professional and ethical standards, to stay current with new developments in the industry through continuing education, and to hold the interests of the customer paramount in all aspects of sales and services. In this way, our clients can be confident that we are providing them with the insurance product best suited to their needs.

What insurance products does an insurance broker offer?

Willis Louie is able to offer all types of commercial insurance (coverage for risk facing a business such as fire, theft, water damage, business interruption, general liability, professional liability, Directors and Officers liability, and more). For our professional and business clients we can also provide personal (life, etc.), property (home, recreational property, boats, etc.), automobile (Autoplan) and other types of insurance products to meet their specific needs.